Hello, and welcome to this blog

There are many ways to start a blog, and I have decided to choose the one more travelled by.

What this blog is about

I keep my personal life and blog separate.  There are few other constraints to what I am willing to blog about – anything I see as a positive contribution to the Internet is fair game. A large portion of this blog will be devoted to mathematics, where I try to give  explicit and in some way “natural” proofs of things I find interesting. Apart from mathematics, I’ll be blogging about various other issues that I think I know enough about to be able to say something of value. These areas might include philosophy (though hopefully not very much of it), politics, religion, literature and the sciences. Basically:

Come for the mathematics, stay for all the other interesting stuff.

Because I want to maintain the quality of the posts herein, I will not blog very often.

Who I am

Existentially speaking – who knows? Materially speaking –  I study mathematics in a first-world country, and as far as the internet is concerned, Matty Wacksen is my real name.  Mathematics plays a much smaller part in my life than in this blog, which is one of the reasons why I will not be posting very often.

 ‘Categorical Observations’

Feel free to take the title literally.

The categorical point of view that focuses less on the objects in a category, and more on the arrows between them will hopefully feature in most mathematical posts.

I edit [read delete redundant parts of] posts after re-reading them. If anyone ever starts reading this blog I might start leaving links to old versions up.



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